About Us


  Hello and welcome! First, I would like to  take a minute to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a very  small town in Pennsylvania, where I worked in a stone quarry for several years cutting and splitting Blue stone. Looking for a change I moved to the Charlotte area where I met my wife and now I have four children.  Wanting something more for my family I decided to return to the stone industry and open a stone yard. My company is not big and fancy but I do promise that I will have quality stone at the best possible price and do everything I can to make sure all my customers are satisfied. Whether you are a large contractor or a home owner looking for a couple pieces of stone.                                                                           


Family owned quarry's

All Pennsylvania stone is from our three family owned and operated  quarry's .

Quarry direct stone

98% of our stone comes quarry direct. That means we cut out the middle man. 

Benefits of quarry direct stone

Stone coming from the same quarry is more consistent as far as color and thickness. This means we can provide more consistent stone.                                

Custom cuts and orders

We offer small custom cuts at our local location. Larger custom cuts may need to be done at the main saw shop.

Wholesale stone

We will be offering  wholesale pricing on full truckloads of stone out of Pennsylvania. (arriving spring of 2019)    

Our goal

Give our customers the knowledge of the different types of stone. You can make the decision to match the right stone for your needs and help you all the way through your projects.